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Quantum Zoo is a Keeper!

This is so cool — I was recently asked to review a new anthology. And what a terrific one it is, too! QUANTUM ZOO brings together a great collection of stories by both new and seasoned authors. Given only the starting concept of “zoo,” each author was then allowed to explore the theme in any way they chose. The result: a head-spinning collection of amazingly inventive stories ranging from high fantasy to horror to science fiction. My personal favorites were “Ignoble Deeds” by A.C. Smyth, “The Most Dangerous Lies” by Ken Furie, “Playing Man” by Scott Dyson, and “Serpent’s Foe” by J.M. Ney-Grimm, but there is truly something for everyone here. I give it five stars. Do yourself a favor and get your copy from Amazon today! 


The Verdict

J. Michael Major explores the depths of obsession and revenge in a novel that delivers a fast-paced plot loaded with compelling, multi-faceted characters. An outstanding debut.”

D.C. Brod, author of Getting Lucky

Meet Michael

J. Michael Major writes critically acclaimed mystery and horror stories. One Man’s Castle is the Chicagoland-based writer’s newest work.

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