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Yes, that’s right! Harlequin has a Worldwide Mystery line, and I just received the contract and signing check for the mass market publication of my novel ONE MAN’S CASTLE. I am incredibly thrilled to be a part of their line (and I might add that they are very nice to work with). Publication will be within the next 24 months, and I will post the exact date as soon as I become informed of it. Looks like it will be a very Merry Christmas around here!

The Verdict

Join uneasy cop partners Riehle and Capparelli as they pursue a serial killer with more than just a dark side in a whopping good police procedural that turns convention on its head. J. Michael Major’s One Man’s Castle is not only a page turner, it’ll knock you out.”

Michael A. Black, author of Sacrificial Offerings and Hostile Takeovers

Meet Michael

J. Michael Major writes critically acclaimed mystery and horror stories. One Man’s Castle is the Chicagoland-based writer’s newest work.

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