One Man's Castle

Suspense thriller "One Man's Castle" from J. Michael Major keeps readers turning the pages until the dramatic conclusion.

One Man’s Castle is the award-winning suspense thriller from J. Michael Major that keeps the reader turning the pages until the dramatic conclusion. Get your copy now!

About the Novel

Is a man a serial killer if he only kills the burglars who break into his home?

And what if one of them is the man who had murdered the homeowner’s wife and was returning to kill him?

Walter Buczyno is an angry man. Devastated by Dottie’s murder years earlier, he feels a sense of justice when Franklin Edward Harris returns and Walter kills him. But while he is away telling his in-laws how Dottie’s murder was avenged, the bodies of Harris and the other burglars are discovered in his crawlspace, and Walter is on the run, a Wanted Man hunted by the very authorities that had let him down before.

When Kevin Riehle’s alcoholic partner finally retires, Riehle becomes the senior detective of the Westbrook Police Department. But within days, everything falls apart. He and his new partner, Capparelli, an older cop who transferred in from Chicago, are thrust into the media spotlight while investigating the Buczyno case. The pressures of the case and dealing with Capparelli’s personal demons, along with having to watch a family friend descend into madness after his wife and baby are killed by a drunk driver, all begin to take their toll on Riehle’s family, and everything goes horribly wrong...

Excerpt from One Man's Castle

Walter wrapped the wire around the intruder’s neck. The man fought wildly, clawing at his neck, desperately trying to loosen the wire. His frantic kicks sent the baseball bat thunking against the bedframe. Walter pulled harder, the muscles in his arms quivering with the strain—

Outside a snowplow rumbled by. For an instant, its bright headlights lit the darkened hallway like a flashbulb popping in the darkness, illuminating the up-turned face.

Franklin Edward Harris. The face of a thousand nightmares.

Walter gasped. Could it really be? Before Harris regained consciousness, he bound his wrists and ankles, and dragged the body down the wooden stairs into the basement.

Walter smiled. He had other plans for this one.

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